PostgreSQL Database Restore Script – BASH

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This Script is for restoring Database on to your local machine from production server. The Scenario is that you need a fresh copy of Database on your local developer machine from the production server. To fetch a fresh copy, I wrote a script in bash. It consists of Four files, The script is explain below.Read More »


Configure SSL/TLS between two Rsyslog systems

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Below are the steps on How I generated the Certificates, I used RELP instead of gtls, RELP uses the TCP protocol (not the tls) to transfer the logs reliable and securely ofcourse by wrapping the TCP session in a wrapper, Not each event so performance gain.Read More »

Sending Email in OpenERP 5

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I was assigned the task of Setting up and Sending email from OpenERP 5.0.10 (The version is almost Obsolete Now but we are still using it). I checked, the function through which email is send is in “tools” package and the function email_send.

First you have to setup the SMTP server’s address, the port, User Name and Password settings. There are few ways you can do this.
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How to setup Odoo 9 and Odoo 8 development Envirnoment

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In this tutorial I will show how to install Odoo 8 and Odoo 9, the setup mechanism is almost the same, I will let you know when there is something that is required by Odoo 9 but its almost the same for both versions of Odoo.

I will be writing this tutorial on Ubuntu 14.04 but you can also apply it to Ubuntu 12.04, I chose these versions for their stability and alot others but you can try it on any Flavor of Ubuntu (and Linux).

1. Set up System and Pre-requisite packages for Odoo

Lets First Update our repository and update all the packages by issuing the following commandsRead More »