Introduction to NGINX

NGINX is a web-server (also function as a reverse proxy, mail proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache) developed by Igor Sysoev in 2004, it was mostly used by russian sites like Yandex, Mail.Ru, VK, and Rambler. NGINX was opensourced in 2011 and thats when it starting getting the popularity.

Nginx was purely developed for performance and to overcome the C10K problem.Read More »


PostgreSQL Database Restore Script – BASH

Hello All

This Script is for restoring Database on to your local machine from production server. The Scenario is that you need a fresh copy of Database on your local developer machine from the production server. To fetch a fresh copy, I wrote a script in bash. It consists of Four files, The script is explain below.Read More »

Sending Email in OpenERP 5

Hello All

I was assigned the task of Setting up and Sending email from OpenERP 5.0.10 (The version is almost Obsolete Now but we are still using it). I checked, the function through which email is send is in “tools” package and the function email_send.

First you have to setup the SMTP server’s address, the port, User Name and Password settings. There are few ways you can do this.
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