Master Configurator

Master-Configurator is configuration manager that sets applications configuration according to your local system. Configurations are written in modules available under the “modules” folder. I created master-configurater so that we dont have to repeat configuring our systems. At the moment, I havent added anything much, but we can write modules that sets the configuration to get best performance dependent on our system specification. All the magic will be in the modules.

Link to Project:

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Smile SN SMS API – Python Version

Hello Again

Below is the python code of smilesn sms API, They usally provide the sample code in PHP, So i rewrote it in Python, Thought of sharing it as it might save someones day. Smilesn saves the session in a text file and then uses it to send and retrieve smss. Below is the Code.
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Sending Email in OpenERP 5

Hello All

I was assigned the task of Setting up and Sending email from OpenERP 5.0.10 (The version is almost Obsolete Now but we are still using it). I checked, the function through which email is send is in “tools” package and the function email_send.

First you have to setup the SMTP server’s address, the port, User Name and Password settings. There are few ways you can do this.
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How to setup Odoo 9 and Odoo 8 development Envirnoment

Hello All

In this tutorial I will show how to install Odoo 8 and Odoo 9, the setup mechanism is almost the same, I will let you know when there is something that is required by Odoo 9 but its almost the same for both versions of Odoo.

I will be writing this tutorial on Ubuntu 14.04 but you can also apply it to Ubuntu 12.04, I chose these versions for their stability and alot others but you can try it on any Flavor of Ubuntu (and Linux).

1. Set up System and Pre-requisite packages for Odoo

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OpenERP 6 Installation Script

Hello All

This is my First tutorial after one and half year since I posted my last tutorial, Its not actually a tutorial but its a Script for OpenERP 6 automatic Installation.

Yesterday I installed OpenERP 6.0.2, After Installation, I thought of why not to make a script of all the command that I issued so that its easy for me to reinstall again in future. I was using the methods provided in this site. I made a few of my own changes like I added the client as the site did not provided commands to do this.
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