Introduction to Openstack

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I had recently started working on Openstack and thought of sharing what ever I learn with you guys. This will be a 3 part tutorial. First part will introduce you to Cloud Computing and Openstack. In 2nd part we will go through the major components of Openstack and in 3rd part, we will discuss different scenarios in which we can implement Openstack. I will also post on How to implement these scenarios but in later tutorials. Lets begin with what is Cloud Computing…Read More »


Major Components of Openstack

Hello Dear Rears and Welcome to Part 2 of this Article

OpenStack has a modular architecture with various code names for its components:

  • Nova (Compute )
  • Swift (Object Storage )
  • Cinder (Block Storage)
  • Glance (Image Service)
  • Neutron (Networking)
  • Horizon (Dashboard )
  • Ceilometer (Telemetry)
  • Heat (Orchestration)

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