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This is Muhammad Waqar Afridi, I am MS in Computer Sciences and currently employed in Institute of Management Sciences as IT and Security Administrator.


I am currently employed in Security Engineering Research Group, IM|Sciences, Peshawar asIT and Security Administrator in a Project in OpenERP, I am mainly responsible for System Security Administration, In easy words I make the systems hack prove :), I am also responsible for digital forensics and disaster recovery.

From May 2013 to June 2014, I was employed at ASERG (Applied Security Engineering Research Group), COMSATS Islamabad, There I worked on SIEM (Security Information and Even Management) , I was mostly responsible for developing the Logger Part of SIEM, Collecting Logs (from different sources)  Normalizing it and then Storing it in a NoSql database.

There, I also worked on Malware Analysis where we studied the behavior of different malwares using tools like volatility, IDA Pro and other tool, we also conducted a workshop on Malware Analysis.

I also worked on Openstack, I implemented a simple scenario in openstack’s Havana version.

For a Brief time, I also worked on Penetration testing of Scada System.

From Nov. 2011 to Feb. 2012, I was IT Manager and Database Administrator at Peshawar Medical Collage, I was mainly responisble for Managing the Databases and Websites, Creating New websites, Debugging and maintaining existing websites and Managing Network.

From Feb 2009 to Sep. 2011, I was employed at Security Engineering Research Group, IM | Sciences Peshawar and worked as  research and development scholar. There I worked on the Project “Dynamic Behavioral Attestation for Mobile Platform”. The projects main object was to develop a dynamic remote attestation technique for diverse computing environments enabled by mobile platforms and to implement remote attestation on mobile platforms, The project was completed in due date.

I was also Visiting Lecturer at Institute of Business and Management Sciences, Agriculture University Peshawar teaching subjects like Software Engineering, Java and C language for one Semester.

I also thought at Innova Institute of Computer Sciences, There I thought Practical Linux Administration.

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