Scenarios in Openstack

Hello Dear Reads and welcome to Part 3 of this Article

Below are some scenarios/services I can think of one can offer with Openstack. Note that I will be implementing if I get permission to implement, Then I will post the tutorials on how I did each and everyone.

Virtual Infrastructure

Could computing can be used to provide a complete virtualized infrastructure to an organization, without the organization spending millions on acquiring new hardware such as PCs, Network equipment, cables etc after every two or three years

  • No need of changing PCs
  • Administration easy
  • Security of each systems
  • It will also benefit in saving the actual office space for placing those PC, Tables, network equipment and laying out cables
  • All you need is a terminal which can be you laptop or tablet or even you mobile

No need for local data storage

  • Openstack Cloud computing can provide storage that will be hosted online in the cloud
  • No need for carrying a USB or an external harddrive, data will be available to you where you need it
  • One other advantage of using openstack local cloud over online commercial clouds that it will be local to you, hence the speed advantages of sharing large amount of data between each system will be very fast due to the gigabit connectivity between nodes.
  • Special drives can be created for teachers and students for sharing Assignments and other required softwares and tools
  • Backup Services

Virtual Office

  • When you have all your infrasturcture virtualized and all you data storage on cloud, you don’t need to be physically present in your office
  • You will have access to your entire office network through your terminal
  • Your terminal can be your entire office wherever you are in the world

Cloud Email

  • Trust, privacy and Security issues over commercial email providers are the main concern, as the recent events has proved that you can not trust an outside entity with your information
  • Google is currently being sued for collecting private information of its users
  • Countries like china forbids its government employees from using smarts phones of companies like Samsung, Apple just because of truest and privacy issues
  • Hence a localized email service is required
  • Other then security, Other email service has certain limitation, e.g. the size of attachments, Number of accounts etc
  • Above all no subscription charges, Its free

Virtualized Expansive Network infrastructure

  • Network hardware is getting expensive by the day
  • Openstack can help in creating virtual network equipment e.g. routers, managed switches
  • You can even turn an ordinary PC into a managed switch hence saving a lot of money
  • You don’t even need to replace it once its out dated, you just install a newer version and you have the latest equipment

Extra Processing Power

  • If you need a powerful computer for some heavy processing, you don’t need to buy extra component e.g. RAM, Processer or hard drive
  • You just request you cloud administrator and you node will be given more resources
  • And this will be on the fly
  • Time saving

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