Unblock blocked torrents

Hello Dear Readers

Today I am going to show you how to unblock torrents in your office, universities, and other places, I am writing this one on the fly, so there wont be alot of details and images but I will be glad to answer all of your questions in the comment section 🙂

I told you so:

If unblocking torrent gets you in trouble, its your own headache not mine and I am not to be blamed.


Any Operating System

Tor Project (Click here to download)

kget (for linux or anyone of your favorite)

utorrent  (for Windows or anyone of your favorite)

Common Sense (If you dont have it, Click here to continue)

Lets Get started:

You might have heard “TOR Project”, Yes Exactly, the anonymity network, we will use TOR’s proxy to unlock torrents. To do so, for MS Windows, to download TOR Project click the link provided above and simply run it and wait for the browser to Open, on Linux use the following command

#apt-get install tor (ubuntu/Debian)
#yum install tor (Fedora/Centos)

For Linux users, Once installation is complete, start tor using the following command

#/etc/init.d/tor start

Now open your torrent client, I am logged into Windows right now so I am using utorrent but the settings are the same for kget and others, After opening utorrent, click Option Menu -> Preference ->”Connections” Tab ->”Proxy Server” Section click “Type” Drop Down Menu and select “Socks5”.

Now in “proxy” Textbox type and in “Port” type 9050

Click Apply and OK and wait for torrent to start download, It will be slightly slow but it will be working

Thats it, Post your questions and feedback in comment sections and I will reply

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