Encrypting Files in Windows

Hello Dear Visitor

This is my 5th tutorial in Encryption Category, Today we are going to encrypt files In Microsoft Windows. I will be using Windows 7, but it works with almost all versions starting with Windows 2000. So lets Get started.

1. Encrypting Files in Windows is pretty straight forward. To begin, lets first create a Simple File called test.txt and type in your most dirtiest Secret which you want to hide from the world.

2. Now Right Click that file and Click Properties and then Click the Advance button.

3. In Advance Attribute Windows and in Compress and Encrypt Attributes Section, Click the Check box Encrypt Contents to Secure Data and Click OK to Close this Windows.

4. And that’s it, Notice the Encrypted File’s Color changes to Green which indicate that file is encrypted.

5. Now if another User will try to open this file, he/she will get the Access Denied Error Message.

6. Open the Same file under Linux will generate Permission Denied error.

Thats it, Simple wasn’t it? Please go ahead and leave your Questions and suggestions in Comment Section.

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