Encrypting USB Flash Drive in Linux

Today we are going to Encrypt a USB Stick or Flash Drive in Linux, We will be using an Open Source Graphical Tool called TrueCrypt. Its free to download and easy to use. so Lets Get start.


1. Before you continue, make sure you backup all the data from your USB as it will be formatted during Encryption process.

2. I am assuming you have Fedora OS, though OS doesn’t really matter here, You can use this tool in any Operating System Including MAC and Windows.

3. You can download TrueCrypt from there website (http://www.truecrypt.org/).

4. It has a graphical Installer, so Installation wont be a problem.

Encrypting USB Stick with TrueCrypt:

1. To Encrypt a USB Stick, Click the Create Volume button on main window, This will start a Volume Creation Wizard, Select the Second Option Create a Volume With a Partition/Drive. and Click Next

2. In Volume Type Select TrueCrypt Standard Volume and Click Next.

3. In Volume Location tab, Click the Select Device button and Select your Device and click Next and Click Yes to Get Rid of the warning.

4. Next Select your algorithm, You can choose your favorite Encrypting Algorithm but I recommend that you stay with defaults, Click Next to Continue.

5. Enter Your password and click Next to continue.

6. In Large Files Tab, You are given the Option whether you want to store Files larger then 4Gb or smaller, Selecting the first Option will give you the Option to format it with FAT filesystem as well hence your USB stick will be accessible in MS Windows OS but you wont be able to store file larger then 4 GB, So make up your mind, I recommend you stay with the First option. Click Next to continue.

7. Next Select your filesystem, I recommend you select FAT, this way it will be accessible in Windows too. Click next to continue.

8. Next move your mouse alittle as the random key is generated based on the movement of your mouse and when you are ready, click the format button. This might take a while.

9. Once the Format is completed, Click Finish and you are done.

10. Now to mount this encrypted USB stick, click the Select Device button and Click the mount button on main Window. You will be prompted for password, On entering correct password, Your device will be mounted under /media/truecrypt1.

11. That’s that. To un-mount it, click the Dismount button.

You can also use this utility under windows and MAC too, the method is the same, If any Questions, suggestion and comments, Leave them in the comment section and I’ll be more the happy to answer them.

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