How to bypass Proxy

Below are the Steps that will unblock all the sites that are blocked by proxy server in your university or Office.

I will be assuming you are up to date.

  • Windows 7
  • Firefox
  • Sound working Mind

Tools to Download:

Download JAP from the Following Link


  • After Download, Install JAP
  • In Installation Options, Select JAP and JAVA
  • During installation it will prompt you to Install JAVA, Install it too.
  • After Installation a wizard asking you to do some configuration and some other related stuff.
  • Go ahead and cancel that wizard.
  • You will be presented with a main screen of JAP.
  • Do Not Close this Screen.

Firefox (Browser Settings):

  • Open Firefox, go to tools -> Options -> Advance -> Network -> in connection section click the Setting button.
  • In http proxy type and enter the port 4001.  This setting is the same for all browsers.

JAB Configuration

  • Click the CONFIG button on main screen of JAP
  • In services Section Click infoServce.
  • In setting tab click and the click set as default button.
  • This will change the ports to port 80 and 443 which are never blocked by proxy servers and click Download List.
  • Then go to Anonymity Section and click reload (Download List) button, this will download a list of servers, choose one of the server, check its speed and response time and look for what best works for you.
  • Now go ahead and check the block sites, if they are working.
  • If have are forced to enter a proxy server address, you can do by clicking the Network section (in JAP configuration), Enter 4001 in listen on port field. Your proxy address in host text field and port number in port field.
  • Click Accept and OK.

Enjoy Browsing.

5 thoughts on “How to bypass Proxy

    • I never tried TOR though I will try it, I was mostly focusing on bypassing Proxy for torrent, I tried JAP with torrent (by making changes in proxy place in bittorrent interface) and did got some data come and went but I am not getting proper speed but as I am most of the Time free, I will Insh`Allah find a solution to it too. about skype, Skype works here, Its not blocked, but they have blocked lot of important sites including this wordpress (Still wondering why they blocked this site and when I asked them, they dont know how to unblock it).

    • Sorry for late reply, I was on a long weekend.

      To add username, go to JAP’s main interface, click the config btn, click the network section, then in very last, click the checkbox “Proxy Requires Authorization” and there Enter your username.

      Hope this Helps

  1. Hello,

    I found this by searching Google, and I’m hoping that someone could answer my kind questions?

    I’m new to proxies, and I live in the USA where it’s illegal to download from torrents. I’m also new to using JAP.

    1.) Should I do the above steps to configure a BT client to work properly with JAP?

    2.) What setting in the BT client should I configure?

    3.) Will JAP make the anonymity almost a zero chance to not get busted for torrents in the USA?

    4.) What BT client did you guys use to make it work properly?

    5.) Could I get anonymity by doing this all for free?

    Thank you if someone could provide answers!

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