GPRS on OpenMoko for Dummies

Hello Every one, This small tutorial is about how to port GPRS on Openmoko.

After spending so many weeks on enabling GPRS on Openmoko, I finally found a way how to did.

I waisted more then 4 weeks on enabling GPRS on Openmoko, I hv flashed my Neo more then 70 times for different rootfs and kernels, Even compiled my own to add GPRS support to the kernel, Read every available tutorial on Openmoko GPRS, Did what ever I could, even ported android on it and in the last when couldn’t do any thing, Finally I corrupted one of our Openmoko.

But that was blessing in disguise.

To repair my openmoko, I was reading an article about how to Debug Openmoko using Debug board.

I don’t know what I click and saw a link, I Went to it,

Clicked the Nice Looking download button and in a fraction of second it got downloaded.

I copied it to my Phone and Installed it.

Added my Service provider’s APN (warid in my case).

Clicked ON and …. You know what happened next. The GPRS Modem was active, I could Browse the INTERNET and don’t ask how much I was happy.

If You want to ask more questions just leav the question in Comment…

5 thoughts on “GPRS on OpenMoko for Dummies

  1. Nop, I guess No Mobile Phone in Market is equipped with TPM (or MTM) chip, I my self has cross-compiled TPM-Emulator and MTM emulator for Openmoko and will be using it until A chip is available.

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