Porting Android of Neo FreeRunner (OpenMoko) in Less then 2 mins

Below are the Simple Steps that I followed to Port Android on Neo FreeRunner Openmoko,

1. Download the rootfs for Android, I recommend the one provided by koolu. Click the link below to download it.


2. Download the kernel for Android, My recommended kernel is given in the link below which is less then 2 mb, use it if you want do it without getting in to any trouble


3. Install dfu-utils from synaptic manager (recommended). and download neo tools if you like GUI (I like it).

4. Start your Neo FreeRunner in to NOR menu.

5. Start Neo-tools

  • Double Click 2. Flash your Neo
  • Select Kernel and rootfs
  • In the Dialogue box point to your rootfs and then kernel.
  • A strange looking dialogue box will appears, Just waist time reading it, Just click OK.
  • If the above steps failed, Repeat it again

The Flashing will going to take some time, so be patiant.


4 thoughts on “Porting Android of Neo FreeRunner (OpenMoko) in Less then 2 mins

  1. Hi, the koolu link seems to be broken… I’ve been searching the net for these two files, but they don’t show up anywhere!!

    I’d really like to have android on my Freerunner, so do you have a copy laying around?

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